About EZ Cut Tool


Owners since 2021, Adam Venderley and Jeff Didion were two of the original employees when EZ Cut Tool was founded in 2008. With over 16 years each of experience in tool grinding, both Adam and Jeff are poised to carry on the EZ Cut Tool legacy for producing high quality tooling that will surpass your expectations.

EZ Cut Tool was founded by Steve Michaels in 2008 and he was joined by Dan Carteaux as a partner in 2010 for a total of 80 years of combined experience in the cutting tool industry. Steve and Dan had worked together in tool and cutter grinding, and industrial distribution over the years at multiple companies both as employees and business partners. In 2021, Steve and Dan decided to enjoy a well-earned retirement and sold EZ Cut Tool to two of their original employees, Adam Venderley and Jeff Didion. 

Steve, Dan, Adam, and Jeff are very proud and thankful for the success they have had over the years and know that they owe their success to their employees and customers. The new owners, Adam and Jeff, are carrying on the EZ Cut Tool tradition. They are committed to supplying customers with top quality, precision-manufactured and reconditioned cutting tools that will provide high productivity to their customers. EZ Cut Tool specializes in cutting tool reconditioning, altering and manufacturing of standard and special cutting tools. EZ Cut Tool continues to produce high quality, precision tooling for both long-standing and new customers. We hope that you will consider EZ Cut Tool for all of your tooling requirements.


Our facility is located at 110 Rose Ave., New Haven, Indiana. After outgrowing our previous location in Fort Wayne, we purchased a 12,000 square foot building in New Haven, completely refurbished it, and moved in April of 2014. Since our move, we have added four new CNC grinders to keep up with the latest technology and the demand of our growth. 

Distributors & Integrators Wanted

EZ Cut is looking for distributors and integrators to partner with our team. This partnership provides total tool management for your major customers, large and small. We can show your customers cost savings by regrinding their tools and working it through your vending systems. We have established discounts to distributors and integrators so that the customer does not have to pay a higher price. The program has worked very well with multiple distributors and can be a very big selling point when trying to secure new customers and new integration contracts. We are very competitively priced and offer quick lead times which can be a big asset for tool flow especially on special tools that have long lead times to manufacture. EZ Cut Tool can manufacture and alter all types of special cutting tools with quick lead times and competitive prices which can also be a big advantage for the distributor in fulfilling their customer’s production needs.

Please contact us to see what EZ Cut Tool can do for you and your customers.